M.A.. – Agnis candidate in a R&S Process

“Thank you very much for everything! Independent of anything that happens, I want to register my thanks because you have met me earlier and have understood my anxiety due I was really concerned about the time you showed all the time that understands my situation. Such attitudes differentiate the people who pass in our lives. You did more than enough.  Agnis should be proud to have you as a employee. I felt comfortable to talk with you and our interview seemed like a chat. A big hug and I hope it is a see you later!”



Depoimentos - others

IE - R&S Manager of AGNIS Client

ES - Executive under AGNIS Outplacement Program

RB - Executive and AGNIS Outplacement Client

AZ - Executive in Career Transition

AL - Executive Coaching Client

HP - Executive that said thaks for our GMO

LS -Sponsor of a HR Event regarding AGNIS contribution

Executive that attended a Management Project Training of AGNIS

Executive that evaluated Fit & Lead Training conducted by AGNIS

Company`s evaluation about the training BBI (Be a better interviewer)

Company that contracted AGNIS for a Performance Evaluation Training

VF - Executive in career transition process

AS - Candidate of a process driven by AGNIS

MB - Executive and Hunting client

SD – AGNIS Collaborator

JR - Executive and former Outplacement client

FL - Executive under AGNIS Change Management Program

FT - Candidate who accessed the AGNIS site

BG – Hunting Client

FS - Executive and business partner.

MN – Internacional Hunting Client

CG - Person who acessed our site

MN - Company tha hired our services

MN - Executive received in AGNIS

FD - Networking held in AGNIS

P.S. – Executive from São Paulo

C.L. – HR VP of a big American Company

R.C. – HR Director Brasil

M.M. – Marketing Director of a large multinational Co.

W.M. – Feedback about website Agnis

S.S. – Feedback about Agnis

E.S. – Financial Director - client of outplacement newly hired in a big TI company

A.N. – HR director

L.B. – HR Manager of a multinational Co.

P.A.F. – Executive under AGNIS Coaching Program

G.R. – Latam Suplly Director

C.V. – Ex-employee of Agnis

R.S. – HR Manager

J.G. – HR Superintendent of a multinational company

H.F. – Supllier of Agnis

L.T.B. – Ex-employee of Agnis

H.P. – Senior New Business Manager and Coaching client

A.C.A. – Outplacement customer

J.T. – Latam Commercial Director

A.S. – Agnis Candidate that participated in a R&S process

O.Z. – Operational Director for Latam – Argentine