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North and Northeast - Minimum of two years experience in assembly and disassembly of engine components and support other maintenance activities. To provide technical and operational support; perform visual and dimensional inspections,inspect non-destructive testing and prepare reports. Experience with service manuals, security instructions,hydraulic tools and parts catalog. It is desirable to have intermediate English and to live in the North or Northeast of Brazil

Northeast - Minimum of two years experience in operational support and mechanical maintenance activities of large-sized motors; including parts cleaning,assembly and disassembly of engine components and skills with special tools and accessories. Basic knowledge in engines and metrology and living in the Northeast region of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro - Minimum 5 years experience in Accounting and Financial Management, preferably in multinational companies. Experience in ERP System, USGAP and IFRS. Fluent English and a background in Accounting. Outstanding communication skills complete the profile. Immediate availability.

North and Northeast - More than 3 years of experience in preventive and corrective mechanical maintenance of large-sized motors and their components, including installations, implementations and field services. The professional should support all project operations. Knowledge in metrology and non-destructive testing. Leadership Skill. Graduated in Engineering, preferably Mechanical. Fluent English and availability to settle in the North or Northeast of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro - Experience on Compliance Implementation projects, leading teams on defining procedures and internal controls based on COSO and COBIT. Experience on Ethics and Conduct Code, Anti-Fraud and Anticorruption Programs and data and risks mapping and analysis. Knowledge about SOX, FCPA, UKBA and Anticorruption Law. Post-graduation in Corporate area is required.

Rio de Janeiro - We are seeking a professional with about 10 years of experience as a service provider or partner of human resources consultancies to work in business management and business development. Proven experience in prospecting, developing networking and trade negotiations. University degree, fluent English and immediate availability.

Rio de Janeiro - More than 10 years of experience as Accounting Manager, preferably from Petroleum segment. University degree in Accounting is mandatory, with active CRC. Experience with IFRS, USGaap and ERPs. Advanced to fluent English. Immediate availability, including for travels.

Minimum of 5 years experience in the management of Integrity Programs and Compliance (anti-corruption), as well as experience in deployment, marketing and execution processes for Clients, in accordance with market practices. Strong knowledge of the methods COSO and COBIT, FCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, UKBA, Anti-corruption law, among others. Higher education in the field, fluent English and immediate availability.

Rio de Janeiro - At least 3 years of experience in the execution of the Integrity and Compliance Programs (anticorruption) consulting service, as well as experience in the implementation, commercialization and execution of customer processes, in accordance with good market practices. Strong knowledge of the COSO and COBIT methodologies, FCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, UKBA, Anti-Corruption Law, among others. Fluent in English and Swahili.

Rio de Janeiro - Experience in collection, reconciliation of payments, sending invoices abroad and receipt slips. Knowledge of billing, exchange closing and tax laws. Technical course in Administrative and Financial or coursing bachelor degree in Administration, Economics or related areas. Intermediate to advanced English is essential.

Rio de Janeiro - More than 10 years experience in purchasing high volume of foods to market in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Strong relationships with suppliers. Ability to manage for results. Experience with indicators and management reports. Higher education, preferably in business administration, economics or related field.

Rio de Janeiro - Minimum of 10 years experience in the preparation of plans and designs for architecture, investments, urbanization and incorporations in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Experience in supervision and execution of works and services, development of economical and environmental feasibility studies. Provide consultancy and advisory services, as well as establish management policies.

Rio de Janeiro - At least with 5 years experience with tax, preferably in a O&G Exploration Company. Experience with IRPJ and CSLL, royalties, Tax benefits and conciliation. Graduates in Accounting, fluent English and immediate availability


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