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Rio de Janeiro - Minimum 5 years experience in Accounting and Financial Management, preferably in multinational companies. Experience in ERP System, USGAP and IFRS. Fluent English and a background in Accounting. Outstanding communication skills complete the profile. Immediate availability.

Rio de Janeiro - More than 10 years experience in purchasing high volume of foods to market in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Strong relationships with suppliers. Ability to manage for results. Experience with indicators and management reports. Higher education, preferably in business administration, economics or related field.

SÃO PAULO - Minimum 5 years experience in technical sales of chemicals to industries in São Paulo market, with significant results. It is desirable knowledge of corrosion inhibitors. Degree in engineering or related area. Fluency in English will be a plus.

SÃO PAULO - Minimum of 4 years experience in quality systems management and inspection of electronic equipment processed by the area of repairs, ensuring the satisfaction of internal and external clients. Experience with ISO certifications, Internal Controls, Auditing of Processes, including inspections of suppliers and services providers. Higher education, being desirable post-graduation and specialization in quality and process management.

SÃO PAULO - Minimum 5 years experience in the development of strategies and logistics management of large volumes of technological equipment, ensuring accurate and updated inventory, with efficient distribution. Experience with consumer studies, benchmarking, KPIs, supplier development and management reports. Higher education and willingness to travel.

Rio de Janeiro - At least with 5 years experience with tax, preferably in a O&G Exploration Company. Experience with IRPJ and CSLL, royalties, Tax benefits and conciliation. Graduates in Accounting, fluent English and immediate availability

RIO DE JANEIRO - Minimum of 2 years experience as Crew Change Coordinator, Personnel Administration and Facilities in oil companies of medium and large companies. Experience in coordinating the change of crew boarded staff, control and generate inputs to meet the labor legislation and ensure the proper functioning of the Office of the company. Higher education and fluency in English. Immediate availability.

SÃO PAULO - Superior degree in Marketing or related area. 4 years of experience with marketing campaign, Google Adwords and Analytics. Graduate studies will be differential. Immediate availability.

SÃO PAULO - 2 years experience in negotiating the purchase of parts and raw materials with manufacturers and suppliers of technology markets, ensuring the best level of inventory to meet customer demands. Perform benchmarking and propose improvements to reduce acquisition costs. Background in Training Technologist, Business Administration or similar area. Immediate availability.

SÃO PAULO - Minimum of 2 years experience in establishing and transferring knowledge to the Technology and Repair Centre in the provision of services for the market of computer technology, telecommunications and mobile phones through trainings and updates of setups and equipment. Technologist background is required. Immediate availability.

SÃO PAULO - Minimum 3 years experience in planning and inventory control of components and computer equipment, ensuring up-to-date inventories to meet market demand in expected deadlines. Technical training in logistics. Immediate availability.

EIO DE JANEIRO - Coordinate the area of Industrial safety, Security and environment in order to ensure compliance with the security policy and environment. Complete Higher Education. Preferably: higher education in chemical engineering, safety engineering. Desirable: Experience time above 7 years. Microsoft Office package, fluent English and knowledge of regulatory standards and Brazilian Law NRs applied to the area of work safety. Environmental legislation, Waste/Effluent management, risk analysis, transport of dangerous goods


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