Code of Conduct

AGNIS is committed, and expects the same of its employees, suppliers or of any companies or individuals that do or want to do business with the highest ethical standards of business conduct and respect the laws and regulations in the countries where it operates.

AGNIS agree to submit to the compliance of its customers, pledging to observe them and abide by them in the performance of its activities.

In addition to the enhancement of the relationship with the market, our conduct includes that we always give feedback to all applicants on the processes of Hunting or Recruiting & Selection that participate, without exception.

AGNIS does not discriminate or restricts any candidate, whether by race, marital status, age, sex, religion, weight, appearance, residence, sexual orientation or any other situation that may give rise to any kind of prejudice.
We adopt as conduct, only publicize vacancies effectively, and that have been authorized by our customers, both selection processes or for mapping market.

For the execution of its activities, AGNIS undertakes not to use child labour, slave or outside the legal precepts of hiring staff.

AGNIS does not charge any type of payment to applicants who complete the selection process employed by the customer or snake any value to applicants to register a resume on the site.

If a client of the Outplacement AGNIS is approved in a process of hunting also conducted by AGNIS, the same will be reimbursed the amount paid by the Outplacement, shooting down only the costs of the program.
Despite offering the Outplacement for Individuals, AGNIS does not address any professional and does not authorize anyone to discuss in its name, whether to negotiate or sell actively the Professional Replacement service, which will only be offered if the professional search AGNIS, whether by market disclosure recommendation or personal interest and thus we request clarification about our Outplacement program.

AGNIS ensures that during the execution of the services, its employees will act properly so cordial and polite, not only for the representatives of Companies/Clients but also for Candidates, while preserving a good image in the market.

We guarantee confidentiality regarding any information, systems or tools that AGNIS have access, during or after the execution of the services.