Policy of Usage

We emphasize our care with the origin, the usage, the confidentiality and the security of all information and content in our website and systems.

So, for you to better understand our policy, we strongly recommend you to read the text below, which will contribute to settling doubts, avoid misunderstandings and validate our transparency and credibility.


After the registration of your resume, you will be a potential candidate for a position in our Opportunities Database or for future positions in some Hunting or Recruitment & Selection process.

No other company has or will have access authorization to our résumé database, because AGNIS does not commercialize CVs.

AGNIS may submit your resume to a client request prior market mapping. In this case, AGNIS sends hidden curriculum (without name, contact details or companies` names), so that confidentiality will be preserved. Otherwise, the resumes will only be made available to Companies/Customers with the authorization of the applicant, or to meet legal warrants, protect rights, property and safety of AGNIS or from our users.

To initiate the registration of the curriculum it is essential to inform your email and create a password in which we will not have access. Registration and updates are the responsibility of the candidate.
Keep your resume in our database during 3 (three) years. After this period, if the candidate did not update his data, AGNIS reserves the right to delete it.

There is no cost for the professional register his resume on our website.


We have a résumé database for Companies to access the summary profile of professionals who are advised by AGNIS through our Outplacement program.

To access the résumé database menu or "Professionals in career transition", Companies can perform a brief analysis of the profile of each professional.

If the company decides to contact a professional, just visit the link "Contact the Professional", fill in a specific form and send the message that will be automatically received by him, with no AGNIS`interface.

There is no cost to the Company/Client  to access or contact the professionals available in this area of the site.


The vacancies advertised on the website are real and duly authorized by our customers.

They are positions of C-level, Board, Executives of Middle and Upper Management, Supervision, Coordination, Specialists, Senior Analysts and other intermediary functions of support.
To apply electronically and run for a position open on the site of the AGNIS, the professional will have to register a resume before and make sure that, in fact, meet the requirements requested; avoiding loss of time or wrong expectations. 

The Headhunters of the AGNIS only come into contact with the professionals who are aligned to the profile of position. Otherwise, AGNIS will keep the candidate data for future opportunities. 

Depending on confidentiality, some vacancies are not published on the site. Anyway, a candidate may be contacted by AGNIS to participate in a not advertised hunting process.

It is important to observe that the registration of the curriculum or the participation in some process, does not guarantee that the candidate will participate in interviews or be hired. In addition to that, the decision to participate or accept a job opportunity is of an exclusive responsibility of the professional.


The areas and contents of the AGNIS are: articles, news, media, videos, Testimonials, Events and Various Announcements, basically with market information and the universe of human resources, not necessarily representing the opinion of AGNIS.

We may disclose the content material and public knowledge or unique material with the proper authorization of its author, and in all cases shall be computed over the credits.

If you have opted to receive our content, you are also authorizing the forwarding of emails, opportunities, newsletters and other materials to be produced by AGNIS.

The user exempts AGNIS of any claims arising from compromised on his computer (s), arising out of viruses or harmful programs, eventually assigned to a message of the AGNIS.


This Policy of Usage, privacy and security can be modified by AGNIS at any time.

All information sent by applicants and users are property of AGNIS that does not use third-party database.

Any user of our site or system, whether a Company Client or an Individual Client, Candidate, AGNIS`Employee, Supplier, Partner or General Public, acknowledges that its content is owned by AGNIS and protected by law, and may only use it for personal purposes or according to agreement with AGNIS, being prohibited their disclosure without permission, regardless of the purpose.

AGNIS safeguards the right to exclude the data transmitted by the user, if they contain disparaging expressions, aggressive and/or improper ones.

AGNIS does not guarantee and is not liable for any losses, damages, expectations of revenue or any other losses that result from the usage of information contained on this site.

The user understands and agrees that any criminal practice invasion of third-party servers that will culminate in access to user data is not the responsibility of the AGNIS, since these data are hosted on leased servers.

All the information of the website have been compiled from a variety of sources and are subject to change without prior notice.

All negotiations between employers and applicants during the employment search are the sole responsibility of the dealers.

It is forbidden the total or partial reproduction of the site content without the prior written permission of AGNIS.